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Which Websites we can do for you


We design blog for your company by using latest web designing technology and carefully analysis your requirement.


If you are looking for a professional Portfolio web designing website to showcase your work, then you are in the right place. We are a team of talented designers with years of experience in crafting awesome portfolios for professionals. 


With years of experience in designing and developing ecommerce website, we can build an online store for you in less than a week. Check out our portfolio to see examples of what you can achieve in just a few days. We also offer budget-friendly prices so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Online Store

As a small business owner, you should be focusing on your customers and keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation in the business world. So why not outsource web designing activity and let us handle everything for you? Creating an online web designing store is our specialty. Leave it to us to help you get started and take care of your ecommerce needs today!

Education website

Our team of expert web designing professionals will guide you through the web designing process, to make your education and courses website a reality. Whether you want an online school, or to provide information for your students, our team can help you create a quality product.

Online Delivery Restaurants & Grocery

What do you get when you combine the convenience of Online Delivery Restaurants and grocery shopping? A single destination catering to your every need and pleasure. We make food shopping and delivery easy. With a wide selection of restaurants, we’ll be sure to satisfy any craving you might have. We offer everything from pizza to sushi to Thai food and more! Stop living your life in the kitchen, and let us bring your restaurant and your grocery to other people home.

How it works!

1. Place an Order

You select the plan and order your website you dream to have it.

2. Discuss details

Your personal manager contacts you to study your requests and help with a profitable selection.

3. Sit back and relax

Our team works hard creating a high-class custom website according to all your preferences.

4. Get your ready website

You become a Website business owner without actually lifting a finger.

Web Designing Plan

Start Your Online Journey
800 One Time Payment
  • Web Hosting is included ( 1 Year only )
  • Creation time 20-25 days
  • Professional analytics
  • Payment Gateway ( Paypal, Stripe )
  • Social Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter )
  • CDN
  • Email
  • Logo Design
  • Premium support for 2 month

Interested in creating your business website but still have questions?

Our experts will answer all of them!

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This is how you will achieve amazing results with Catarat custom website

Personal Manager

Your dedicated manager will guide you through every step of your custom store creation, answer all your questions and take care of any technical issues.

Earn profits while sleeping

Build your store & choose your products, they will be sold even your are not there and while sleeping.

Zero work from you

Our team of professionals will create your store from A all the way to Z. In just a few days you’ll get a turnkey business website ready to bring you profits.

100% ownership

You don't depend on anyone else's rules or limits and can do whatever you want with your custom store. You can customize and upgrade your site — or even sell it.

Mobile and SEO friendly

We’ll provide a cutting-edge responsive design that looks perfect on the screen size of any device — and even optimize your content for the search engines.

Unlimited Reviews for 2 months

Ordering a custom website from us, you can count on our technical help, advice and free software updates for 2 months.

Best selling pages

We’ll pack your store pages with the top-performing and high-qulity items which can increase the conversion of your visitors to clients .

Amazing web designing

Our professional designers will make your store look unique and stylish. They will also create all the visuals like logo, banners, images, etc.

Some questions you might have

You will get an individually created, fully functioning online website that is completely ready for operation. Together with it, you will also enjoy detailed guides on your web designing website promotion and management, and free 2 weeks tech support.

Yes, your personal manager will select the most suitable payment gateway for your website! We will set it up as soon as you register within this system with your personal details.

We will do our best to give you the most efficient tools and the most detailed guides to make the most of your web designing website business.

Yes, you can add unlimited amount of products. When you get your ready custom web designing website. At any moment, you can import more products from different platforms like Aliexpress & Amazon, etc… if you want to!

Catarat SRLS does not ask for any documents from you to set up your web desigingwebsite. In most countries, you can start website business as a private individual, without any registration.

Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks. It depends on the package you’ve chosen. The quicker you share your vision with your personal manager and the more you cooperate with them, the sooner we’ll deliver the ready store to you!

You have NO monthly payments or transactional fees for designing your website. You only need to make a one-time payment to buy your custom web designing website package! However, You have to pay for the renewal of the domain name, the webhosting, and the renewal of the plugins after 1 year.

I know what you’re thinking, I was like you… Your mind says now… I can upload my products to a download link, Telegram, Facebook and other such things and completely relieve my mind of the issue of websites, believe me, I did the same and thought the same way… until I discovered the following:
When you have a website, it is like a supermarket where your goods are, but the difference is that people enter it and buy and put money while you are not there!… My friend, we are here talking to you about a stable business that makes all the people of countries of the world reach you.

There is one reason why people do not continue on their website, which is x the absence of a message x means there is no greater goal than you that moves you.. Yes, this is the specific reason that makes you not complete what you started, which is that you only want to make money for example… Therefore, put it in your mind.. × The letter precedes the money ×

Yes, there are many free ways to create educational web designing websites, and believe me, We tried all of them myself, and We literally wasted years of nonsense until we discovered that any free service that you do not put your business on because its owner will not care about it and protect it from hacking because he does not take money from it.. It makes sense right?… × We are trying to simplify our experience for you in an easy language x and that’s exactly why we chose for you the paid tools that we personally use on our site and they never let us down.

There will be free technical support for a whole 2 weeks for free, and after that, if you need any web designing modification, the honest programmer will be with you… for a very small amount for each modification… We will always be with you.

Yes, you may return this product within 60 days if you believe it does not help you.

We usually do not advertise a money back guarantee because of the nature of digital products. You cannot “unlearn” what we give you access to and some of this material has taken us literally years to produce or hundreds of hours of research, trial, and error – but we do stand behind our content, products, and services so if you find that it’s not for you and the materials do not help you then please reach out.

You are now beginning to respect this indispensable investment in your life…
An email will reach us with your name and number and that you have participated in the we designing of a website, then we will communicate with you immediately on WhatsApp and give you the number of our honest programmer to listen to you and take care of your request … Then the journey of building your beautiful website will begin and you will tell him about everything you want inside the site and he will tell you “from my eyes” ”Delivery within 30 days.

web designing
Our Work


This unique custom dropshipping store achieve the maximum aesthetic impact with the bold full-width imagery that leaves no body indifferent 

Our Work


So we’ve designed a marketplace that has all the great design and ecommerce features that we know you love, but with an innovative way to filter and browse items.

Our Work


You will attract your customers, with this food delivery restaurant you will have an attractive website that showcases their menu, ambiance and service – all without compromising on quality and for increasing your sales online.

Our Work


Customers will be attracted to your business because of all the qualities you offer such as a website with an attractive layout and wonderful ambiance among others. You will also receive better sales online while protecting the quality of your food and service!

Our Work


Connect with your doctor at the click of a button! We make it simple to get an appointment, get your medication refills, send prescriptions, and more. Plus, you can easily view your medical records, request prescriptions, and check lab results without having to call or visit the office.

Our Work


Salon’s website provides appointment booking, hairstyle and tutorial, and online messaging for hairstylists and customers. With the Salon website, you can search for hairstyles, book appointments with stylists in the area, and message with stylists.

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